12/03/2021: Arbiom Achieves Continuous Fermentation Milestone

Biotechnology pioneer continues on path to commercialization, announcing success of several continuous one-week fermentation operations at 15m3 scale

Paris, France / Durham, NC – March 12, 2021 – Arbiom, an agricultural-biotechnology company developing solutions to convert wood into protein for feed and food applications, today announced that it has achieved another critical step in its Demonstration Program to scale up its technology to produce an alternative protein ingredient, SylPro®. The company successfully completed continuous, stable operation of its fermentation technology at a 15m3 scale several times over a seven-day period without contamination or product quality issues. This performance builds upon Arbiom’s successful achievement of continuous operations at the 1m3 scale. Similar results between the subsequent runs were observed, demonstrating process robustness and repeatability.

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Throughout the demonstration program, fermentation and downstream process stages ran smoothly and continuously to successfully produce 2.5 tons of SylPro, which exceeded Arbiom’s initial target. Performance was maintained from lab-scale to pre-industrial scale, and the downstream processing stage was improved in terms of higher throughput and process simplification. To complete the continuous run, Arbiom worked with Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEPP) , a partner in the SYLFEED Consortium, at BBEPP’s facility in Belgium.

“Our long-lasting relationship with BBEPP has been a key factor contributing to the success of Arbiom’s Demonstration Program,” said Marc Chevrel, Arbiom CEO. “We want to thank the BBEPP team for their dedication and support to Arbiom’s successful technology scale-up initiatives to reach full  commercialization.”

“We are delighted to reach this milestone with Arbiom, as this achievement is essential in scaling up the company’s industrial biotechnology to commercial production,” said Muriel Dewilde, Business Development Manager with BBEPP. “We look forward to finishing out our successful partnership with Arbiom supporting its Demonstration Program this year,” said Dewilde.

To date, Arbiom has completed more than 2,000 hours of process scale-up operations, surpassing the commercial-scale industry standard of 1,000 hours. The team is on track to accumulate an additional 800 hours of continuous fermentation operations through 5 additional fermentation campaigns, and produce approximately six tons of SylPro® by the end of the Demonstration Program, which will conclude at the end of 2021.

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