16.01.2019: Start FREE online course (MOOC) entitled ‘Biobased Products for a Sustainable (Bio)economy‘

Today’s industries face enormous global challenges when it comes to the fossil-based economy. Fossil resources are no longer a desirable feedstock for many products and governments’ climate goals put various limitations to its usage. Moreover, consumer perception has become an increasingly important factor. With biobased products as an alternative to the fossil-based economy, the bioeconomy can provide viable solutions to these challenges.

The course describes the different types of biomass, the methods of refinery and typical conversion technologies used for biobased products. You’ll also engage in a study of the practical and real-life examples emerging in the market: biopolymers, bioenergy, bioflavours, and biosurfactants.

The course has been developed by a team of experts from seven different institutions and universities (including the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant) in three different countries, all sharing their personal perspectives on the opportunities and challenges faced by the biobased industry.

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