5.5.21: DAB and BBEPP collaborate to demonstrate FAST technology

Delft Advanced Biorenewables (“DAB”), the leading expert in separation technology of oil-based fermentation, and Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (“BBEPP”), Europe’s leading open-access pilot facility, are pleased to announce their collaboration to demonstrate DAB’s “Fermentation Accelerated by Separation Technology (FAST)”. FAST enables cost effective production for fermentations with an overlay or multiple phases, e.g. fermentations with a water insoluble product.

DAB’s fully-industrialised FAST 500 L demonstrator unit will be connected to BBEPPs state-of-the-art operating facility where it will be used for process development, process demonstration and sample production for DAB’s own strains as well as those of its growing list of partners. The FAST bioreactor will also be used in combination with BBEPP’s 15 m3 fermenters, allowing for first series compound production. The technology will become available in autumn 2021 and first results are expected by end of this year.

Eric van der Meer, DAB’s CEO stated: “We are very pleased to commence the final development phase of our proprietary FAST technology which will be an enabler in the transition to a bio-based chemicals and fuels supply chain. FAST is uniquely positioned for wide-scale deployment, thanks to its simplicity and the enormous impact on lowering the manufacturing costs of bio-renewables. BBEPP’s unique position within the biobased industries and the versatility of its facility will ensure the fastest route to full commercialisation of FAST.“

Wim Soetaert, CEO BBEPP, added: “Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is very happy for this new, great opportunity to increase its capabilities on fermentation and DSP technologies. After completion, DAB and BBEPP will be able to offer this state-of-the-art technique for the direct and rapid extraction of interesting compounds from bioprocesses. This will allow to speed-up innovation and development not only for existing technologies but also for new molecules, which is a great benefit for our current and future partners. The initiative will definitively further leverage the transition towards a biobased economy!”

DAB: Kirsten Steinbusch, CTO (info@DAB.bio)
BBEPP: Katrien Molders (katrien.molders@bbeu.org)

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