BBEPP assists Scottish company in breakthrough

Edinburgh-based Celtic Renewables has become the first in the world to produce biofuel capable of powering cars from residues of the whisky industry. It now plans to build a production facility in central Scotland after manufacturing the first samples of bio-butanol from the by-products of whisky fermentation.

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is the development and scale-up partner assisting the Scottish company in this breakthrough. Professor Wim Soetaert, CEO of the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, said: “The Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is designed to support innovative companies like Celtic Renewables to achieve such world leading breakthroughs, as Europe moves away from a fossil based to a biobased economy. This project is a true partnership and we are proud of the role we have played in making biobutanol from Scottish whisky residues. We are excited about the future with Celtic Renewables and we are committed to turn our collaboration into a major success.”

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