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Press Release, 29.3.2017: Start-up, biobased businesses can benefit from fully funded, intensive business training for successful innovation

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The BioBase4SME project is now providing start-up companies working in the bioeconomy with €7,000 worth of specialist training, fully funded by the project. An intensive, week-long Innovation Biocamp will give these companies the tools they need to commercialise their idea and grow their company. The training culminates in a live pitch to investors.


BioBase4SME Natural Fibertastic Workshop aims to encourage SMEs to apply for fully funded Bio-Innovation Coupons for fibre application testing

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The BioBase4SME project (co-financed by Interreg NWE), offering bio-innovation support for SMEs, herewith proudly announces its Natural Fibertastic Workshop hosted at the Natural Fiber Application Center (NAC, The Netherlands) on April 5th, 2017.

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Press Release, 31.01.2017: SuperBIO developed its first new and innovative value chains!

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SuperBIO is an innovation project (Horizon2020) supporting SMEs in the bio-based economy. SuperBIO aims to bring new cross-border and cross-sectoral industrial value chains closer to the market. SMEs can receive professional innovation services 75% funded by SuperBIO. It has a fast and efficient submission and evaluation procedure. Since its start in summer 2016, the project […]

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Press Release, 26.1.2017: BBEPP partner in DEMETER project: DuPont Industrial Biosciences Awarded Grant for High-Efficiency Biogas Enzyme Production

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DuPont Industrial Biosciences has been awarded a grant from the European Commission to demonstrate high-efficiency enzyme production to increase biogas yields as part of the DEMETER project, funded from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program.


Press release, 16.01.2017: BioBase4SME organises workshops on biobased paintings

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Workshop on New Solutions for Biobased Painting, organised through the Interreg NWE project BioBase4SME Boosting growth for biobased SMEs and Start-ups in North-West Europe DOWNLOAD the full PRESS RELEASE here DOWNLOAD the Workshop PROGRAM here On Tuesday 31 January 2017, the workshop entitled ‘New Solutions for Biobased Painting’ will take place at the UniLaSalle campus in […]


Press Release, 16.01.2017: EU Awards €7.7 Million to NanoPack Project to Introduce Nanotechnology-Based Antimicrobial Packaging to Enhance Food Safety and Reduce Waste

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Brussels, Belgium, January 16, 2017– The European Union (EU) has awarded the international NanoPack consortium €7.7 million to develop and demonstrate a solution for extending food shelf life by using novel antimicrobial surfaces. CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the full text of the PRESS RELEASE The three-year project is aimed at demonstrating, validating and testing food-packaging […]

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Persbericht 14.10.2016: Vlaamse bio-gebaseerde industrie zit in de lift

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Vlaanderen profileert zich als topregio voor bio-economie op EFIB-congres Glasgow Brussel, 14 oktober 2016 – Zowat tien procent van de productie van de Vlaamse industrie is vandaag bio-gebaseerd. Het komt er nu op aan de hoge specialisatiegraad van de industriële biotechnologie in Vlaanderen verder te ontwikkelen en zo het economisch potentieel ten volle te benutten. […]


Press Release, 26.09.2016: New €5.83 million project to boost growth for biobased SMEs and Start-ups in North-West Europe

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The European Commission has launched through its INTERREG NWE Programme a three-year project “BioBase4SME” to further support the development of the biobased economy in North West Europe (NWE). The €5.83 million project will help start-ups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to overcome technological and non-technological barriers on their path to turn biobased research into commercial innovation. BioBase4SME offers training, innovation biocamps, workshops and innovation coupons worth up to €100.000. The BioBase4SME partnership includes eight organisations from six different countries.


Press Release, 15.09.2016: Leading European pilot facilities for industrial biotechnology join forces to improve Europe’s innovation capacity

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SmartPilots, an INTERREG Europe project co-funded by the European Fund for Regional Development (ERDF), brings together six leading European Shared Pilot Facilities (SPF) specialized in the Key Enabling Technology ‘Industrial Biotechnology’ and bioeconomy, with the aim to discuss and share best funding and operating practices and improve policies in support of such facilities. Enhanced support for Shared Pilot Facilities should substantially improve Europe’s sustainable innovation capacity and is a crucial element in dealing with societal challenges such as developing a sustainable, innovative and knowledge-based economy in Europe, creating jobs and meeting climate targets.

Meet us @ EFIB 2016

Meet us and BioBase4SME @ EFIB 2016

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Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant and BioBase4SME will be represented at and involved in EFIB 2016 in several ways: PLENARY TALK: BioBase4SME Project Manager Dr. Lieve Hoflack will give a plenary talk @ EFIB 2016 entitled: ‘Progress in innovative plants that have received support from BioBase4SME’ Timing: Day 1 – Track C ‘Innovation’ – 3.45pm More […]

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New €3.8 million SuperBIO project to support industrial innovation within the EU bioeconomy

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SuperBIO is an innovation project supported through the EU Horizon2020 funding programme. The € 3.8 million project supports the development of promising industrial value chains in the bioeconomy. It therefore engages with the EU bio-based business community. The project provides 10 different types of innovation services to third party SMEs which are funded by the […]


Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant partner in BIO-HArT project for further scale-up of bio-aromatics research

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    Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant proudly announces the launch of the BIO-HArT project. Within this INTERREG Flanders – Netherlands project, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant will further develop its expertise and pilot infrastructure with regard to lignin and carbohydrate extraction from locally available biomasses. Prototypes will be further converted by the partners and/or […]


INTERREG Europe Project ‘SmartPilots’ conditionally approved

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10.02.2016. The INTERREG Europe monitoring committee has conditionally approved 64 projects out of 261 applications received in the first call for proposals. SmartPilots, to be led by Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, is one of the approved projects. The project’s objective is to improve regional policies in support of shared pilot facilities to increase their […]

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Bio Base NWE leverages €71million of investments and the creation of 320 jobs in the Northwest European biobased economy

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Bio Base NWE, a three-year project co-financed by the INTERREG IVB programme of the European Union, has come to an end and proudly presents its results. This network of biobased economy experts advised over 500 small and medium enterprises (SME’s) to facilitate innovation and business development in biobased technologies and to stimulate the growth of the biobased economy in Northwest Europe (NWE).


PULP2VALUE: new €11,5 Mio BBI JU grant

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Recently, the seven project partners launched the new Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) demonstration project entitled ‘PULP2VALUE’ in Roosendaal, The Netherlands. Led by agro-industrial cooperative Royal Cosun, this 4-year project aims to demonstrate an integrated and cost-effective cascading biorefinery system to refine sugarbeet pulp and isolate high value products for a great variety of end products including detergents, paints, coatings and composites but also for applications in the personal care, oil and gas industry.


€6 million CARBOSURF project kicks off

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Today the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) launched a €6 million project entitled CARBOSURF with the aim to develop new processes and solve bottlenecks in the fermentative production of biobased biosurfactants and specialty carbohydrates. The new three-year project brings together 11 partners from 4 European countries: Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs), an open innovation pilot plant, four biotech SMEs and three large industries. The project received funding through the first call of the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.


More than 500 professionals celebrate 5 years Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

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Over 500 people have gathered today at the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant to celebrate the 5th anniversary of this pilot facility for biobased processes and products. During the celebration, Minister Philippe Muyters, Flemish Minister for Work, Economy and Innovation has inaugurated two new 15.000 Liter bioreactors. These new bioreactors form a significant extension of the innovation and demonstration infrastructure of the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant.


BBEPP assists Scottish company in breakthrough

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Edinburgh-based Celtic Renewables has become the first in the world to produce biofuel capable of powering cars from residues of the whisky industry. It now plans to build a production facility in central Scotland after manufacturing the first samples of bio-butanol from the by-products of whisky fermentation.

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Up to 30% tax credit for French companies cooperating with the Ghent Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

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Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEPP), a leading pilot plant for bio-based products and processes located in the port of Ghent, has been recognised by the French Government as a research facility. French companies making use of the services of Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant can consequently obtain a tax credit of up to 30% on the invoice. The outsourced work must, however, come within the scope of Research and Development activities, or be linked to Innovation. Bio Base NWE previously announced that it would award innovation coupons up to €30,000 to innovative companies wishing to carry out tests at Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant. Cooperation with BBEPP is consequently now becoming of great interest to French companies, particularly French SMEs.


Xylophane enters cooperation for ton-scale xylan production

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Xylophane has recently entered a cooperation with Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant in Belgium with the aim of scaling up its xylan production to ton scale.

In November a test process was conducted during which Xylophane’s xylan production process was verified at Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant’s pilot site. The next step is to procure complementary process equipment and to adapt the available systems in preparation for ton-scale xylan production campaigns. The plan is to implement the first ton-scale production campaign in 2015.

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Europe selects Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant as a demonstrator pilot line for industrial biotechnology

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Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, a pilot plant for biobased products and processes located in the port of Ghent (Belgium) was selected by the European Commission as a demonstrator multi-KETs pilot line. KETs or Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) are considered to directly or indirectly stimulate Europe’s competitiveness and generate jobs, growth and wealth in the economy. Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is a European front runner in terms of industrial biotechnology, one of the six European KETs.