Celtic Renewables (UK) partners Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

In 2014, the feasibility of Celtic Renewables’ innovative process to produce biobutanol from byproducts of the whisky industry was evaluated at Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, using a Bio Base NWE Innovation Coupon. This assessment enabled Celtic Renewables to gather a next round of investments worth €1,5million and was the start of a succesful collaboration.

In September 2015, Celtic Renewables lands a £11million grant after winning a competition run by the UK Department for Transport (DfT). The £11million grant will help them build the world’s first plant dedicated to the production of advanced biofuel from the residues of the whisky industry. This biofuel facility will be operational by December 2018, producing at least 1 million litres of biofuel, capable of powering cars, every year.


Latest Press Releases by Celtic Renewables:
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September 2015: Celtic Renewables lands £11 million after winning DfT competition
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