IB2Market brings new biobased products to the market

ib2market-logoIB2Market, a public project funded by the European Union, brought a number of new-to-market and biobased molecules to the market. Several new types of bio-surfactants (more specifically Bolaform, Acidic and Lactonic Sophorolipids) and specialty carbohydrates like Sophorose and Human Milk Sugars (more specifically Fucosylated Oligosaccharides) are now commercially available.

ib2market - featuredThese molecules have new and interesting characteristics useful for applications in the field of pharma, functional & medical nutrition, cosmetics, nano-technology and many, many more. Innovative industrial biotechnology processes made it possible to produce these complex molecules starting from renewable resources using biological processes. Such processes are sustainable, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil resources.

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