Press release, 16.01.2017: BioBase4SME organises workshops on biobased paintings

Workshop on New Solutions for Biobased Painting, organised through the Interreg NWE project BioBase4SME
Boosting growth for biobased SMEs and Start-ups in North-West Europe

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On Tuesday 31 January 2017, the workshop entitled ‘New Solutions for Biobased Painting’ will take
place at the UniLaSalle campus in Rouen, France. This workshop will be an opportunity to have a look
at what is new in bio-based paint.

Pulled by the marketing request, the paint sector is more and more interested in the agro-resources
and in “natural” products. The paint market does now offer some products which are partially
biobased, but very few 100% biobased paints are available.

The day will start with a short state of the art by CORI (Coatings Research Institute). Then, two topics
will be studied in detail, one on the paint itself and the other on ingredients. Ingredients are the
focus for development, they will lead us to 100% biobased paint.

Speakers from innovative companies working in this field will present their experiences. At the end of
the day, the discussions will turn to certification, a key point in paint marketing. It helps consumers
choose the right product and must be well defined

This workshop is organised through the Interreg NWE project BioBase4SME which aims to further
support the development of the biobased economy in North West Europe. In order to achieve this,
BioBase4SME offers training, innovation biocamps, workshops and innovation coupons worth up to

SMEs, start-ups, researchers, you are invited to register to this free event via this webform. Please
sign up before the 25th January 2017, after which your place cannot be guaranteed.

0033 2 53 46 62 57
0033 6 03 51 53 31
00 33 2 35 65 78 72
00 33 6 27 51 33 91

The event is organised by AC3A in collaboration with Nov&atech– An agro-resources cluster from

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