RegioStars Award 2017: Fyteko takes innovation to the market

Fyteko, a belgian start-up, is about to launch a spray that helps crops recover from drought without using chemicals, thanks to the Bio Base North West Europe project. The spray has a huge potential market. Droughts are becoming more common due to climate change – our product can help thousands of farmers produce food sustainably. The secret ingredient is a natural molecule that we modified to activate a plant’s drought defences. We had already produced the spray in our lab. But we needed to convince investors that this could be done commercially.

The project gave us ten thousand euro worth of support at the Bio Base Europe pilot plant, where we developed production to industrial scale to get the investment we needed! It really helped us at a key moment.

Fyteko is part of Europe’s growing bio-economy, where products are based on renewable resources instead of carbon-based chemicals. And plenty of scientists want to turn their innovations into green businesses and jobs.

In North-West Europe, Bio Base NWE – with EU support – has helped some of these bio-entrepreneurs bring ideas out of the lab into the market. Its one-stop-shop of services includes:

  • equipment and advice to scale up innovations for industrial production
  • business support
  • and grants in the form of coupons to access it all.

The hard work has paid off. Sixteen SMEs have set up new lines, forty-three jobs have been created and over two hundred are to come, showing how early support can ignite a greener economy.

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