Process Development

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is an experienced partner for the process development and optimization of your biobased process or product. Due to our strict confidentiality policy, we cannot further comment on the process development projects performed so far on a bilateral basis. However, on top of many private/bilateral projects, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant participated in many consortia as ‘process development’ partnerFind out more about the public projects BBEPP was involved in for process development.

Below you can find an overview of the type of process development work Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant can help you with and the scales.

Our development projects START with:

  • a standard operating procedure (SOP) for fermentation, biocatalysis, green chemistry, biomass pretreatment and/or downstream processing
  • a micro-organism or an enzyme for fermentation or biocatalysis respectively

TYPES of PROCESSES which can typically be developed at Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, a few examples:

  • Comparison of different micro-organisms, tested in shake flasks
  • Referencing bench marking
  • Optimization of fermentation media
  • Development of downstream processing:
    • Literature study
    • Feasibility tests on Liter scale
    • Selection and/or comparison of unit operations
    • Determination and optimization of process conditions
    • Techno/economic assessment
    • Pilot process design
    • Scale-up and further optimization
  • Application trials: e.g. enzyme producers can test different substrates and demonstrate the activity
  • Downscaling: comparison of unit operations, screening
  • Conversion of first to second generation processes (1G -> 2G)
  • Integrated processes:
    • development work on process samples
    • circular or iterative optimization
  • Literature studies:
    • patents (freedom to operate status)
    • background of a certain topic
  • … and many, many more


For LAB SCALE process development and optimization:

For PILOT SCALE process development and optimization:

  • Compare different unit operations / types of equipment e.g. different filtration units.
  • Optimization of process parameters
  • Analytics

Click here for an overview of our pilot scale equipment.