SYLFEED Consortium Welcomes Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant as a New Partner

Paris, France – 28 August 2019: Arbiom, an agriculture-biotechnology company developing solutions to convert wood into food, today announced that it is welcoming two new partners to the SYLFEED consortium, a project that brings together key industry and research players to convert wood residues to sustainable protein-rich ingredients for Aquaculture.

BioProcess Pilot Facility B.V. (BPF), based in Delft, The Netherlands, and Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEU), based in Ghent, Belgium, will lend their expertise in process scale-up to the consortium as it seeks to demonstrate the successful scale-up of Arbiom technology and the creation of an effective wood-to-food value chain.

“The SYLFEED project continues to gain momentum as we leverage the expertise of partners to de-risk scale-up to commercial plant design,” said Marc Chevrel, CEO, Arbiom. “These new members will join the consortium’s growing list of partners to add additional value to the project as we move toward ensuring technical and commercial validation of our technology and product at demonstration scale,” Chevrel said.

The addition of BPF and BBEU brings the number of SYLFEED partners to 10 as the project seeks to
provide a sustainable solution to reduce the European protein gap and enable new economic development opportunities for biomass-rich regions.

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