23.3.21: UPLIFT kicks off: a project to improve the recycling of plastics for the food and drinks packaging industry

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Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant partners in the UPLIFT Consortium. Uplift seeks to develop industrial scalable enzymatic and microbial degradation processes to selectively depolymerize and upcycle plastic packaging waste materials, which are currently considered unrecyclable and will manufacture at pilot scale new renewable eco-polymers specifically designed to ensure easier end-of-life processing.


May 2019 - April 2023

SHEALTHY aims to assess and develop an optimal combination of non-thermal sanitization, preservation and stabilization methods to improve the safety (inactivation of pathogens and spoilage microorganisms), while preserving the nutritional quality (up to 30%) and prolonging the shelf-life (up to 50%) of minimally processed F&V products.