Analytical Capabilities

What we offer

  • Process follow-up of the most important process parameters and quantification of compounds of interest
  • Wide range of already available standard analytical methods reducing cost and efforts
  • A dedicated analytical expert team to implement your method of choice on our equipment and to optimize these methods for fast analyses


Analytical Capabilities equipment overview

Process follow-up for the quantification of sugars, organic acids, intermediates, compounds of interest and enzyme activity. 

  • 5 Agilent HPLCs with following detectors: DAD, RID, VWD and ELSD
  • Dionex HPLC with ED electrochemical detector
  • GC coupled to mass spectrometry
  • GC with FID
  • YSI biochemistry analyzer
  • Colorimetric using Agilent and Tecan (micro plate reader) spectrophotometers

Off-gas analysis systems

  • Off-gas MS analysis
  • Mobile BlueSense off-gas analysis
  • Mobile micro-GC

Evaluation of physico-chemical properties and moisture content

  • Light microscopes
  • Digital dino-lite crystal microscope
  • Easy KFV Karl Fischer titration
  • (Portable) Turbidimeters
  • Sartorius moisture analyzers
  • Brookfield Viscometer
  • Thermogravimetric analyzer
  • Conductivity, pH and brix meters