Up to 30% tax credit for French companies cooperating with the Ghent Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEPP), a leading pilot plant for bio-based products and processes located in the port of Ghent, has been recognised by the French Government as a research facility. French companies making use of the services of Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant can consequently obtain a tax credit of up to 30% on the invoice. The outsourced work must, however, come within the scope of Research and Development activities, or be linked to Innovation. Bio Base NWE previously announced that it would award innovation coupons up to €30,000 to innovative companies wishing to carry out tests at Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant. Cooperation with BBEPP is consequently now becoming of great interest to French companies, particularly French SMEs.

Credit Impot RechercheAn increasing number of countries are using tax incentives as an instrument to encourage Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation. France too has a scheme of this type, known as ‘Crédit Impôt Recherche’, or CIR for short. All industrial, commercial or agricultural companies liable for tax in France can recover up to 30% of their expenditure on Innovation or ‘Research and Development’ under this scheme, for example expenditure on fundamental research, applied research or the development of prototypes and pilot plants.

The benefits of the CIR are also enjoyed when Research and Development activities are outsourced to recognised R&D companies. Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant has just been recognised by the French Government as an entity that is allowed to carry out R&D activities for companies under the CIR scheme.

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is a pilot plant for bio-based products and processes. It helps companies in the risky and expensive scale-up from an innovative laboratory process to an industrial process. This is done by making equipment and expertise available to companies developing new products such as bioplastics, biodetergents, biosolvents, biochemicals, biomaterials etc. Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant was started in 2009 and is now running at full capacity, already employing around 40 people. This pilot facility has grown into a shining example of the biobased economy in Europe, and attracts many Belgian and foreign companies for the development of their innovation projects.

Bio Base Europe Pilot Pant recently featured in the news with the Bio Base NWE Innovation coupons. These coupons are issued by Bio Base NWE, a three-year international project with a budget of € 6.2 million launched by the European Commission in 2013 to encourage the development of the bio-based economy in North-West Europe. Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is a partner in this project. An innovation coupon represents a value of €10-30,000 and is awarded to SMEs in North-West Europe. Northern France also forms part of this region. These coupons enable SMEs, in cooperation with Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, to assess whether it is feasible to develop their innovative, bio-based technology at industrial scale.

For further information or an interview, contact: Katrien Molders, Communication Manager Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, Katrien.Molders@bbeu.org, Tel: +32 (0)9 335 70 01, Mob: +32 (0)486 951 109

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