Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant assists REG Life Sciences (USA) in bringing first commercial product to market

(AMES, USA, 31.10.2016)

REG Life Sciences, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Renewable Energy Group has delivered its first commercial product, a specialty fatty acid. REG developed, produced and delivered approximately one metric ton of the renewable, multi-functional chemical to Aroma Chemical Services International (ACS), a leading specialty manufacturer and supplier of flavor and fragrance ingredients. REG has been actively working with ACS to identify, develop and bring to market fragrance and flavor derivatives based on the REG Life Sciences’ proprietary technology. ACS will use the specialty chemical for the production of a high performance musk ingredient for sale into the $620 million global musk ingredient market.

REG Life Sciences relied on the services of the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant for:

  • The scale up of the fermentation process to 15000 L
  • The scale up of the associated solvent-based downstream process
  • The production of one metric ton of the specialty fatty acid.

Steve del Cardayre, REG Vice President Research and Development states
: “Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant has both fermentation and extensive downstream processing capabilities, which is quite unique. It was much more cost-effective and faster for us to collaborate with BBEPP than to assemble the required unit operations at our own facilities. We used their organic recovery lab to recover over 1 ton of material to be supplied to ACS.”


Click here to watch the REG Life Science VIDEO on this unique product launch (YouTube)

Click here to read the full press release by REG Life Sciences issued on October 31st, 2016

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