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The Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is a flexible and diversified pilot plant for biobased products and processes, operating at kg to multi ton scale and offering support for:

From research to product, the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant can assist you in different phases of the innovation chain.

The pilot or demonstration phase, during which a lab scale process is translated into an industrial process, can be expensive, risky and time consuming. Scale-up work is a challenge for many companies because of the cost, capital equipment and expertise needed, while there are no guarantees for successful commercialization at that stage. Early collaboration with experienced personnel in a flexible (shared) facility with a wide range of pilot equipment can substantially reduce costs, risks and development time and reinforces the chance to successful market entry.

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant offers a wide range of modular unit operations at lab and pilot scale operated by highly trained and experienced engineers and process operators. As such, a collaborating with BBEPP for your innovative product or process can substantially speed up your innovation and lower the financial risk.

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