A five minutes beginner’s guide to scale-up:
The What, Why, Where, When, Who and How of Scale-up!

What is piloting and why do I need it? On December 1st, 2020, in the midst of covid-19 crises and lockdowns, the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant organised a Virtual Visit to its facilities. During this virtual event our Head of Business Operations, Dr. Hendrik Waegeman, explained in a short presentation what scale-up is, why scale-up is so important, when, where and how it is done… and where it can be done. Apart from the fact that we now already employ more than 140 staff members instead of 104, this presentation is still very relevant and informative. Feel free to watch it in the video below.

Are you hungry for more detail about scale-up? Then take a look at our “SERVICES” pages where we explain in detail the figure below. 

Still not convinced? Check out our “Testimonials and Collaboration Results” Page.

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