The network for connecting the partners of the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

Bio Base Connect is an exclusive network of global industrial bioeconomy players that have an already existing link with the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant or wish to create one. Bio Base Connect will offer exclusive network opportunities to the customers and partners of the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant with the aim to stimulate innovative collaborations and investments to further strengthen the global bioeconomy.

Bio Base Connect will also communicate and promote successful stories related to the bioeconomy. It will provide policy advice when and where needed with the aim to further promote the global bioeconomy.

ACITIVITIES and Services

Bio Base Connect intends to build its activities around the following four PILLARS:

  • PILLAR 1: Networking and matchmaking
  • PILLAR 2: Information sharing
  • PILLAR 3: Facilitating innovative R&D and scale-up projects
  • PILLAR 4: Support actions to get innovative processes beyond pilot scale
Currently a survey is being held among potential Bio Base Connect members to poll for feedback on how Bio Base Connect can be of added-value to its members.

The following services are among the services proposed:

  • Information and advice on funding opportunities in Europe and Flanders
  • Networking and matchmaking for relevant funding calls
  • Seek industrial symbiosis
  • Connect investors with tech companies
  • Yearly pitching, matchmaking and networking event
  • Investment opportunities in Flanders / Establishing a company in Flanders
  • Connect companies with application centers
  • Communication activities within a broad network
  • Policy recommendations

More information / CONTACT

If you want to join the Bio Base Connect network or wish more information, on our activities and events, please contact the Bio Base Connect team via