Since pilot- and demo equipment is very expensive and requires specific expertise, open access infrastructures are the most cost-effective manner to support the deployment of industry-driven innovations in the market.  Pilots4U is the Europe-wide network and database of open access multi-purpose pilot and demonstration infrastructures for the European bio-economy, coordinated by the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant.  It maps all existing (100+) open access pilot and demo-infrastructures (500+) across Europe, creating one, very visible and easily accessible network for the European bio-economy.  Pilots4U helps innovators, companies and research institutions operating in the bio-economy sector to gain easier access to testing facilities and scale-up their technology faster and cheaper towards the market.

Watch the video below and take a look inside a number of Pilots4U Network Members:

Are you a pilot facility that is not yet a member of the network? Are you looking for specific scale-up equipment? Get in touch!

You can find more information on the database and network here: