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Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is an independent facility. We have no industrial shareholders and always operate in full confidentiality to protect your intellectual property. We are open to all companies, research institutes and other partners active in the biobased economy. Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is an experienced partner for the process development and optimization, scale-up and custom manufacturing of your biobased process or product. From 2013 to 2021, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant successfully conducted over 450 bilateral (private) projects with more than 150 different small, medium and large sized companies. On top of these private/bilateral projects, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant was involved in many public project consortia.

At Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, your processes are in the competent hands of highly trained engineers, process operators and technicians. Our team stands for a vast amount of know-how on both a scientific and technical level. Combined with decades of experience in scale-up and operating industrial equipment, our engineers translate your lab scale process into a viable industrial process. In addition, our engineers and process operators can assist in experimental set-up, process analysis and design, calculation of mass- and energy balances, and provide start-up assistance at an industrial scale.

We work 24/7 if necessary, and always in a highly transparent way. A close communication throughout the project and your presence at our facilities during the pilot trials ensure a seamless technology transfer in both directions. The experience gained is yours!

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