Hendrik Waegeman, Head of Business Operations, will inspire and enlighten the audience of BIOKET during the panel discussion in Plenary Session 1 themed Navigating the Intersection: Scaling-Up and Financing Bioeconomy Technologies.
The Keynote session aims at unlocking the secrets to overcoming technical obstacles while securing the necessary financial backing in the rapidly evolving bioeconomy landscape. Investor seeking promising opportunities or tech enthusiast passionate about sustainable solutions will gain insights into the intersection of innovation and industry, learn how to navigate technical and financial obstacles effectively and discover the art of scaling up bioeconomy technologies.

Meet Sofie Lodens, Project Acquisition Coordinator, on day 2 in Parallel Session 6 KETs Pioneering Cosmetics and Healthcare Ingredient Production. She will give a talk on WASTE2FUNC: Lactic Acid and biosurfactants sourced from sustainable agricultural and industrial (food) WASTE feedstocks as novel FUNCtional ingredients for consumer products.

BIOKET is a renowned international conference dedicated to the Green Chemistry, Bioprocessing, Biotechnology and all Key technologies related to Bioeconomy. The 2024 edition will shine a spotlight on groundbreaking innovations in biomass utilization, conversion of CO2, precision fermentation and many other technologies addressing critical challenges in sustainability and the circular economy.