KETs drive innovation throughout the economy and cut across industries with a trend towards full convergence and integration.

They underpin industry’s leadership across the circular bioeconomy value chains such as food and feed, bioenergies, chemicals and biobased materials. They have the capacity to improve people’s health and safety and drastically reverse climate change.

At the same time, their growing complexity makes it more difficult for industry and SMEs to capture fully their innovation potential, which also requires an important understanding of non-technological aspects.

The annual conference BIOKET contributes to the spreading by offering to all actors the possibility to promote their innovations and to meet, exchange and build a sound understanding of innovation in the process and technologies to convert biomass into high added value molecules.

Meet Koen Quataert, Innovation Manager Gasfermentation, and Karel de Winter, Head of Technology Development,  at the conference. Karel De Winter will speak at the plenary session on May 24 from 10am to 12pm.