Meet our Business Development Manager Rakesh Nair, who will enlighten the audience with a keynote speech entitled “Infrastructure for upscaling precision fermentation”.

During the presentation Rakesh will address:

  • The overall challenges and opportunities of scaling up food proteins produced by precision fermentation from lab to industrial production;
  • The critical infrastructure elements to get it right.

The objective of this conference is to enlighten participants on the potentials and barriers for precision fermentation of milk proteins as a way to radically reduce GHG emissions from our food system.

The conference addresses the elements of the value chain:

  1. Policy framework, regulation, and roadmap for a transition toward a sustainable food system
  2. Robust, efficient production organisms for precision fermentation of food
  3. Bio-streams, circular economy, GHG emission and LCA (Upcycling of local residual bio-streams to production media for precision fermentation of milk proteins)
  4. Scaling up – from lab to industrial production
  5. Production infrastructure of scale, optimization, process control
  6. Downstream processing – from bioreactor to powder ingredients
  7. Business model, Investment, venture capital
  8. Consumer acceptance, nutrition, taste, texture, functionality, and price