15:30 – 17:30 From unmined potential to the first industrial realizations

  • Mission and activities of The ProteInn Club – Stef Denayer, BBEPP
  • Setting the scene: Microbial processes in a circular economy – Willy Verstraete, UGent
  • The future of our diet – The good Food Institute
  • Positioning within Flemish and European policy – Jan Hostens, Dept. Landbouw en Visserij
  • Research programs and industrial implementations – Dirk Carrez, Bio-based Industries Consortium
  • Company testimonials – Member-companies of the Industrial Sounding Board of the ProteInn Club testify about their challenges

17:30 – 18:00 Debate

Press conference and ceremonial launch

18:00 – 20:00 Festive drink 


Sustainable proteins

The transition toward more sustainable proteins challenges us to identify the protein sources that have the smallest impact on our planet. The proteins produced through microbial fermentation efficiently convert carbon and nitrogen rich residual flows into high-quality components, including proteins for the food, feed and fine chemicals industries. The fermentation process is of course key, but a whole chain of companies is also needed to produce finished products. The ProteInn Club was founded to facilitate the development and growth of innovative value chains. By connecting, inspiring and supporting relevant actors, we want to build a unique ecosystem of fermentation-based proteins for a more sustainable food system and circular bio-economy.

Unique network

The ProteInn Club is a collaboration between Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, UGent/CAPTURE and ILVO. Their complementarity in expertise and research infrastructure spans the entire innovation chain. This initiative is already widely supported today. Right from the start, a group of 20 member-companies has already joined and forms the industrial sounding board of The ProteInn Club. Together they are sowing the seeds of a unique and innovative ecosystem.

The public launch!

Come and explore the potential of this unique partnership. Hear how this fits within the Flemish and European protein strategy. What are the scientific and regulatory challenges? Get inspired by recent industrial realizations. See, feel, taste and experience the many possible applications during the ceremonial launch event. And don’t miss this opportunity to connect with a unique stakeholder network.