Today the FUELPHORIA project kicked-off. We are very excited about this kick-off, as our Bio Base Mobile Pilot Plant will be instrumental for the value chain converting biogenic CO2 from Aquafin NV into TAGs for hydrocarbons and biodiesel production.

Our gas fermentation experts, Koen Quataert and Stefano Rebecchi, are in Athens for the kick-off of the FUELPHORIA project, which aims to establish sustainable, competitive and secure value chains for advanced biofuels and renewable non-biological fuels.

The project contributes to the objectives of the European Commission’s 2022 REPower EU Plan “to scale-up renewables, achieve electrification, and replace fossil-based heat and fuel in industry, buildings, and the transport sector”.

Click here to read the full Press Release on the FUELPHORIA Kick-Off.

Click here to find out more about the FUELPHORIA Project.

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