Biorizon Innovation and Upscaling of Renewable Aromatics Technology

Over the past years Biorizon has developed three commercially promising technologies for the conversion of wood, sugars and lignin into aromatics. By demonstrating the technology within this project on a larger scale, the confidence in the applicability of the technology on an industrial scale enhances and the risk to invest diminishes. Simultaneously bio-aromatics will be produced in sufficient quantities to be able to start application development routes.


In 2018, The BIO-HArT project was one of the winners of the European ‘Let the Stars Shine’ initiative. With this initiative, nine members of the European Parliament want to highlight fine examples of European projects in order to gain enthousiasm and support for European cooperation.
Watch here the BIO-HArT video made within the ‘Let the Stars Shine’ context.

ACTIVITIES of Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (updated on 9.11.2017)

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant will further develop its expertise and pilot infrastructure with regard to lignin and carbohydrate extraction from locally available biomasses.

Bio Base Europe pilot plant adapted 4 basic operational process settings for lignin and carbohydrate extraction towards en-user requirements:

  • Soaking aqueous ammonia (SAA)
  • Organosolv
  • CTMP/Soda cooking
  • Recovery of lignin and C5-sugars from cooking liquor

Using the above-mentioned processes and developed protocols, samples were made available for partners and interested companies for further conversion and application testing.

  • Organosolv lignin from flaxshives
  • SAA lignin from corn stover
  • SAA lignin from Miscanthus
  • Soda lignin from CTMP Miscanthus
  • Soda lignin from still bottoms 2nd generation process using CTMP from Miscanthus
  • C5 sugars from cooking liquor CTMP lignin
  • C5 sugars from organosolv flax shives

Latest results of the overall consortium can be found here:

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  • TNO (project coordinator and co-initiator of Biorizon), NL
  • VITO (co-initiator of Biorizon), BE
  • Avantium, NL
  • Chemelot InSciTe, NL
  • University of Antwerp, BE
  • KU Leuven, BE
  • Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, BE
  • Technical University Eindhoven, NL
  • Maastricht University and DSM ChemTech Center, NL