High Performance Protein Fiber materials 

Scalable production of ENA protein nanofibrils, and their spinning into Sporesilks, thereby introducing a portfolio of radically new functionalized textile materials with tuneable mechanical and functional properties. 

ACTIVITIES of the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

BBEPP is responsible for the development of an efficient fermentation process and downstream purification protocol to produce ENA nanofibrils from renewable feedstocks. 


  • Ghent University
  • Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant 


This Project fits within the Moonshot program and has received financial support of the Flemish Government and Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO), project nr. HBC.2023.0557. 

Other Project in the Spotlight


Glaukos will develop innovative textile fibres and textile coatings that reconcile an excellent environmental performance with adequate technical characteristics.

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