The RenewPACK project will demonstrate the material Skalax as a barrier in food packaging for the first time ever. RenewPACK is a project partly financed by the European Commission through LIFE+. The project is conducted by Xylophane AB (as coordinating beneficiary) and Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (as associated beneficiary).

The LIFE+ project “RenewPACK – Demonstration of an Innovative Renewable Barrier Material for Sustainable Food Packaging” (acronym LIFE11 ENV/SE/842) includes the following activities:

  • Demonstration of xylan production – the raw material for Skalax – which involves highly innovative process steps.
  • Demonstration of the application process and functionality of Skalax as a barrier in multilayer food packaging.
  • Demonstration of the many possible recycling alternatives for Skalax and its advantages compared to state-of-the-art materials; incineration, composting and repulpability.

The partners involved in the project are Xylophane AB and Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant. Bio Base Pilot Plant is a non-profit organisation located in Ghent, Belgium. Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant has a diversified pilot plant for the development, scale-up and custom manufacturing of bio based processes and products. The pilot plant operates at a kilogram to multi ton scale and aims at closing the critical gap between scientific feasibility and industrial application of new biotechnological products and processes.