Shaping the future bioeconomy across sectoral, governmental and geographical levels

Support and accelerate bioeconomy innovation and the deployment of new knowledge in the EU and its member states.  

ShapingBio will provide evidence-based, concrete information and recommendations for: 

  • Better policy alignment   
  • Stakeholder actions to realize the potential of the bioeconomy   
  • Reducing the fragmentation across biobased sectors and food system and policies across regions, domains and governance levels.  

As such, ShapingBio contributes to:

  • the Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan, 
  • the Farm to Fork Strategy,  
  • the EU Green Deal policy priorities and the  
  • EU’s Climate ambition for 2030 and 2050.  

ShapingBio aims to create a better understanding and information basis of the bioeconomy innovation eco-system by providing a comprehensive mapping and analysis of:

  • Initiatives, structures, policy instruments and key gaps related to the topics policy and governance,  
  • Applied R&D and technology transfer,  
  • (cross-sectoral) Collaborations and  
  • Financing across the EU macroregions and different sectors.  

ShapingBio will make policy recommendations towards effective governance in terms of policy instruments and towards guidelines for stakeholders for better collaboration & exploitation of bioeconomy innovation. 

ACTIVITIES of the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

BBEPP will be involved in all Work Packages (WP) and Tasks, but mainly responsible as:

  • Task leader for the analysis of key topics regarding applied R&D and technology transfer
  • WP Leader for WP on Recommendation with focus on follow-up implementation of recommendations to achieve impact via multi-stakeholder agreed Action Plans



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Programme under Grant Agreement number: 101060252.