Binnen het Bio Base Transition investeringsproject wordt een fermentatielijn (15m3) voor de demonstratie van de omzetting (conversie) van hernieuwbare grondstoffen, groene methanol of afval in complexe moleculen, als alternatief voor de (petro)chemie.

The Bio Base Transition investment concerns a fermentation line (15m3) for demonstration of the valorisation of renewable raw materials, green methanol or waste materials into complex compounds, as an alternative to (petro)chemistry.

Status of the project:

Status by the end of 2023:

November 4th, 2022: Works advancing well

September 12th & 14th, 2022: Arrival and installation of the 15.000 L reactor


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Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant EXPERTISE FOLDERS

The equipment purchased during the Bio Base TRANSITION project has been included in the (digital) equipment and expertise folders, the folder can be viewed HERE. (Open file in Google Chrome of Acrobate Reader!).
Bio Base TRANSITION is mentioned in the section “Fermentation” and in the section “New Investments”.

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant DRONE FLIGHT 2.0

Release date: 15 September 2023. The Bio Base TRANSITION investment is included in the new drone flight, see 2 Min 58 Sec – 3 Min 25 Sec.


The video below gives an impression of all substantial investments BBEPP made since its establishment in 2008.  (This video can also be found on our website (“who we are” section) and YouTube channel). 
Bio Base Transition: See 2:36 – 3:06

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Bio Base Demo

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is building a fully equipped 75 m3 fermentation line.

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