Bio Base DEMO

In brief: Investment in a fully equipped 75 m3 fermentation line
RRF Project Bio Base DEMO, Contract Nr. VV021/02 with support from:

BBEPP’s largest fermenter scale currently stands at 15 m3 and these fermenters, like all other bioreactors present, are in high demand and permanently operational. For certain bio-based products, however, this scale is still too small for production trials or to generate sufficient quantities for application research. Large-scale demonstration is often the last essential step before a company makes the decision to invest in an industrial production installation. Through Bio Base Demo, BBEPP is investing in a fully equipped 75 m3 fermenter (50 m3 working volume). In this way, the project contributes to the objectives of the Relance Plan “Vlaamse Veerkracht” (EU Recovery and Resilience Facility, RRF), with, as central spearhead “towards a more sustainable economy”.

Status of the Project:

Status by November 15th, 2022: frame utility building in place + start dismantling and relocation falling film evaporator


Status by November 4th, 2022: polishing the floor of the utility building for Bio Base Demo … until the late hours

Communication tools:

Press Release – 8 October 2021 (in Dutch only):


The video below gives an impression of all substantial investments BBEPP made since its establishment in 2008.  (This video can also be found on our website (“who we are” section) and YouTube channel). 
Microbial Protein Transition: See 2:36 – 3:06

Supported by:

RRF Project Bio Base DEMO, Contract Nr. VV021/02 with support from:






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