Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant was selected by the European Commission as a demonstrator multi-KET pilot line. KETs or Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) are considered to directly or indirectly stimulate Europe’s competitiveness and generate jobs, growth and wealth in the economy. Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is a European front runner in terms of industrial biotechnology, one of the six European KETs.

Scope of the project

The aim of the mKETs project is to prepare and foster a common understanding and consesus for future actions in Europe focusing on multi-KETs pilot lines. This will be performed by a combination of an assessment of the policy and industrial initiatives in this field (phase 1) and an in depth practical analysis of two pilot lines (phase 2).

In 2009 Europe defined six Key Enabling Technologies: Industrial Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Nano- and Microelectronics, Photonics and Advanced Materials. Europe invests in these technologies to enable the shift to a low carbon, knowledge-based economy ensuring the competitiveness of European industries and the creation of jobs.
To support this policy, Europe selected four leading multi-KET pilot facilities. Multi-KET Pilot Lines combine several KETs under one roof. This results in the demonstration at industrial scale of new, innovative production processes that were promising at lab scale. A Pilot Plant is a crucial step in the development and commercialization of a new product.

The mKETs Pilot Lines project will analyse the eco-system and best-practices of the selected pilot lines as well as the hurdles they encounter(ed) and gather this information in a tutorial. The tutorial will be a useful tool for innovative enterprises and will foster a common understanding and consensus for future actions in Europe focusing on multi-KETs pilot lines.
As a selected pilot facility, Bio base Europe Pilot Plant will (1) organize monthly guided tours for interested parties: SME’s, large companies, policy makers and (2) host two workshops to give participants insight into its daily operations.

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant will

  • Organise interview sessions with members of its ecosystem
  • Draft a tutorial, as educational material, about running a pilot plant
  • Organise guided visits
  • Organise workshops
    • To demonstrate a specific process at BBEPP that addresses at least 2 KETs
    • To give insight into the daily operations of BBEPP
    • To highlight success-stories of SMEs that used the pilot facilities of BBEPP for their development and innovation track
    • To promote networking between the different SMEs