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Bio Base Demo
  • Demonstration (TRL 5-7), EU RRF project, Investment project, Regional-flanders, VLAIO/AO

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is building a fully equipped 75 m3 fermentation line.

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Bio Base NextGen
  • EU RRF project, Investment project, Process development (TRL 4-5), Regional-flanders, Scale-up (TRL 4-6), VLAIO/AO

The Bio Base NextGen Fermentation Platform enables accelerated scale-up of innovative fermentation processes from lab scale to a relevant demonstration and production scale.

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  • Biodegradable, Biopolymers, Bulk chemicals, CCU, CO2, Chemical building blocks, EU RRF project, Fermentation, Fwo, Gas fermentation, Gasses, H2, Low TRL, Ongoing projects, Partner, Polymers and packaging and biomaterials, Regional-flanders, WP leader, Waste gasses

Engineering Cupriavidus necator for the Hydrogen-efficient production of a pyrOne building block from industrial gas streams.

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Microbial Protein Transition
  • Demonstration (TRL 5-7), EU RRF project, Investment project, Ongoing projects, Process development (TRL 4-5), Product recovery and purification, Proteins, Regional-flanders, Scale-up (TRL 4-6), Single cell protein, VLAIO/AO

Equipment for the purification of proteins or other nutrients from fermentation broth.

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  • 2G sugar, 2G sugar - industrial, Bulk chemicals, EU RRF project, Fermentation, Fwo, In situ product recovery, Industrial sidestreams, Low TRL, Muconic acid, Ongoing projects, Organic acids, Paper and cardboard, Partner, Product recovery and purification, Regional-flanders, Specialty chemicals, WP leader

Synthesis and transformation of muconic acid into platform molecules starting from biomass.

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