Bridging the innovation gap of biobased breakthroughs

The project aims to accelerate the growth of the biobased economy, EU and local partners joined forces by providing financial, technological, training, networking and political support to enterprises in North West Europe (NWE) innovating in biobased products and processes.

What is the goal of Bio Base NWE?

The main goal is to bridge the gap between the R&D-stage and full-scale production. Biobased products offer new opportunities for SMEs working in e.g.:

  • chemicals
  • agro-industry
  • plastics
  • food and feed
  • textile
  • paper and pulp
  • pharma
  • fuels

This is especially true for those SMEs who have organic waste or side products that might provide a potential to be processed into valuable new organic substances. In some cases, expensive waste products can be reconstituted into profi table resources. However, many companies find it difficult to bridge the gap between newly developed research and the commercial market. This is where Bio Base NWE comes into play.

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