Raising disruptive bioeconomy ventures, start-ups and spin-offs to the top

The BioeconomyVentures project aims to build the reference platform for bioeconomy-based start-ups and spin-offs seeking to gain access to finance, becoming the main meeting point in the European bioeconomy. Our solution, aligned with the European Bioeconomy Strategy (2018) and the vision and strategy of the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC), is based on a threefold approach:

  • Building and leveraging the first of its kind bioeconomy entrepreneurship ecosystem, boosted by the BioeconomyVentures Ambassadors Programme (AAP).
  • Creating and validating an assessment methodology for qualify and quantify the needs of the start-ups and spin-offs though the BioeconomyVentures Evaluation Matrix
  • Designing, developing and executing an interactive one-stop-shop platform that will serve as a main meeting point for the bioeconomy entrepreneurship field, bringing together relevant groups of stakeholders (start-ups, spin-offs, investors and corporates) and integrating, on one single access point, high-quality services aiming to unlock the innovation potential and uncover opportunities to build relationships and partnerships across the BioeconomyVentures network.

The consortium forms a strong pool of experts along with the fields of bioeconomy and business with a track record managing entrepreneurship programs. Its partners have been intentionally selected by their expertise and geographical reach, bringing together 6 different countries (IE, ES, BE, AT, IT, RS) to consolidate the maximum outreach of the initiative. It consists of 9 partners with complementary competences: 5 clusters or networks of start-ups, spin-offs, corporates and investors (IBF, FF, FOOD+I, FSH, and FSH), 2 innovative SMEs (ENCO, ALC) with an important background in providing services and training to entrepreneurs, the main Pilot Plant Facility in Europe (BBEPP) and one Research and Innovation Centre specialized in venture development within the bioeconomy field (AITIIP).

ACTIVITIES of the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

  • Task leader to establish a “One-Stop-Shop Platform and Synergies”,  with external agents, completed projects, and related entities focussing of business skills, financing and networking.
  • Task leader to establish a collaborative relationship between Bioeconomy Ventures Platform and Pilots4U Network, where BBEPP is the coordinator and was also the initiator of the Pilots4U Project.
  • Participating within the Business and Investment Readiness Programme
  • Developing Training Module IV “Scaling up and access to pilot plant facilities’ costs and risks” and Module V “Mentoring and interactive sessions with investors”.


The BioeconomyVentures project receives funding from the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 101023260.