About the project

Europe, Flanders and the Province of East-Flanders invest €1,27 million in new equipment for Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant. These funds were used to purchase and install three new bioreactors with auxiliary equipment and software: two with a volume of 1.500L and one with a volume of 15.000L. This investment enables BBEPP to provide services to even more companies and it will have a larger capacity for producing industrially relevant quantities of innovative biobased products. This is an important tool for companies that wish to test the production of larger batches to prepare market introduction before investing in a full scale production line. Companies collaborating with BBEPP for process validation and scale-up can substantially reduce costs, risks and development time and will reinforce the chance to successful market entry.

With this project, The European Union and Enterprise Flanders ensure that Flanders stays a frontrunner for industrial biotechnology ànd keeps contributing to the European Innovation Agenda. The project will stimulate the economic development within the region and beyond.

On 16 June 2015, the new bioreactors were officially inaugurated by Mr. Philippe Muyters (Flemish Minister of Work, Economy, Innovation and Sports). This inauguration is integrated in the celebration of 5 years Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant.