Enzyme Prediction Toolbox

Enzymes are used in various industrial sectors (chemistry, food, (aqua) feed, agriculture, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry, nutraceuticals). Nevertheless, the currently available supply is limited, and there is a high demand for new, better and more versatile enzymes. The potential of alternative (including marine) enzymes is hardly ever investigated, because of the high cost and time consumption for industry. The EnzyMares project focusses on screening marine sources such as bacteria, microalgae and diatoms using recent high-throughput molecular technology. However, linking these genome data to enzyme functionalities and reaction conditions is a time-consuming process that requires a great deal of expertise. Within EnzyMares, the multidisciplinary consortium develops a toolbox with which the specific characteristics of enzymes can be predicted on the basis of a multi-omics approach. In this way companies can accelerate the bioprospecting phase and make new enzymes available to the market.

ACTIVITIES of the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

  • Assisting enzyme screening process using spectrophotometric and chromatographic assays
  • Bench-scale optimization of enzyme production process, including fermentation and DSP, for all selected target enzymes



CatalistiDe Blauwe Cluster, Flanders’ FOOD


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