Acid-catalyzed production of green butadiene from butanediols

Using micro-organisms, GREEN-B2B aims to convert paper and cardboard waste into chemicals such as biobased butadiene.

Butadiene from biomass

1,3-butadiene (BD) is an important bulk chemical for the polymer industry. Annually, 15 million tons of BD are produced worldwide, for example for its application in the rubber industry. Today, the production of BD is fossil-based. Biomass, however, represents an interesting alternative feedstock for the sustainable production of chemicals like BD.

Fermentation and conversion

To go from biomass to green BD, GREEN-B2B will first turn biomass into butanediols via fermentation. Next, a catalytic conversion process will be employed to turn the butanediols into green BD. CO2 inherently produced during fermentation will be immediately reused in the process itself.


By developing green, biobased BD, GREEN-B2B will help Flemish industries step away from fossil-based products and significantly reduce their CO2 emissions.

ACTIVITIES of the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

Fermentative production of butanediol with maximal carbon incorporation.