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  • Biodegradable, Coating, Coordinator, Fermentation, Glycerol, H2020 BBI-RIA, Ongoing projects, Polymers, Polymers and packaging and biomaterials, Process development (TRL 4-5), Product recovery and purification, Scale-up (TRL 4-6), Textile fibres, WP leader

Glaukos will develop innovative textile fibres and textile coatings that reconcile an excellent environmental performance with adequate technical characteristics.

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  • (Inter)Cluster, 1G sugar, 2G sugar - agriculture, 2G sugar - food, DSP process development, Fermentation, Low TRL, Moonshot flanders-cSBO, Ongoing projects, Partner, Polymers and packaging and biomaterials, Product recovery and purification, Regional-flanders, Sporesilk, Textile fibres

Scalable production of high performance protein fibre materials

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  • Aerobic fermentation, Automotive applications, Brewers spent grain, Fermentation, Food related sidestreams, H2020-IA, Industrial sidestreams, Ongoing projects, Partner, Polymers and packaging and biomaterials, Residue textile industry, Scale-up (TRL 4-6), Textile fibres

The MY-FI project targets the development of responsible fabrics composed of a new and innovative material based on mycelium micro-fibres, to meet the latest market demands for beautiful, sustainable and functional materials. 

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