Novel Biocatalysts for the Production of Glycosides

Scope of the project

The goal of the Novosides project is the development of biocatalytic processes for the glycosylation of small organic molecules such as flavonoids, alkaloids and steroids. Glycosylation can drastically improve both the physicochemical and biological properties of these molecules (e.g. slow release, improved solubility and stability, taste modification, drug targeting), but few biocatalysts are currently available to perform this modification cost-efficiently at industrial scale.

The glycosylation potential of transglycosidases, glycoside phosphorylases and glycoside hydrolases are elaborated in more detail. These enzymes transfer a glycosyl group from cheap and readily available donor substrates (e.g. sucrose) to different acceptor molecules. To maximize their performance, the enzymes’ specificity and stability are engineered by means of directed evolution.

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant will:
1. Scale up the production of the enzymes
2. Optimize and scale up the reactions with the enzymes with the aim to enable the commercial exploitation of the enzymes as well as the glycosylated products.


  • Improved stability of glycosides vs. aglycon
  • Reduction of allergenic properties of cosmetics
  • Prolonged taste of glycosilated flavor compound vs. aglycon
  • Altered activity spectrum of glycopeptide antibiotics
  • Drug targeting