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  • 2G sugar, 2G sugar - industrial, Bulk chemicals, EU RRF project, Fermentation, Fwo, In situ product recovery, Industrial sidestreams, Low TRL, Muconic acid, Ongoing projects, Organic acids, Paper and cardboard, Partner, Product recovery and purification, Regional-flanders, Specialty chemicals, WP leader

Synthesis and transformation of muconic acid into platform molecules starting from biomass.

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  • (Inter)Cluster, 1G sugar, Biocatalysis, Bioplastics, Biopolymers, Bulk chemicals, Butanediol, Carbohydrates, Catalisti-SBO, Catalisti-cSBO, Chemical building blocks, Diols, Fermentation, Finished projects, ISPR, Lactic acid, Low TRL, Muconic acid, Organic acids, Partner, Passed projects, Polymers and packaging and biomaterials, Process development (TRL 4-5), Product recovery and purification, Regional-flanders, Specialty chemicals

SPICY aims at creating a new and profitable value chain in the Flemish bio-economy by connecting sugar feedstock suppliers with fermentation-based and chemical biorefinery companies to end-users active in chemical and polymer production.

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