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  • Biomass pretreatment, Bioplastics, Fermentation, HEurope-CBEJU-IA, Industrial sidestreams, Ongoing projects, PHA, Paper and cardboard, Partner, Polymers and packaging and biomaterials, Product recovery and purification

The ELLIPSE project will address the valorisation of two heterogeneous waste streams generated in significant amounts in Europe, slaughterhouse waste (bellygrass) and paper and pulp sludge, to produce cost-efficient PHAs for agricultural and packaging sectors.

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  • 2G sugar, 2G sugar - food, 2G sugar - forestry, Biocatalysis, Biomass pretreatment, Bioplastics, Biopolymers, Coordinator, Fermentation, Forestry sidestreams, HEurope - CBE JU, HEurope-CBEJU-IA, Municipal solid waste, Ongoing projects, Other feedstock, Polymers and packaging and biomaterials, Product recovery and purification, WP leader

LUCRA will exploit Municipal Solid Waste and Wood waste as feedstocks for the large scale production of platform building block chemicals at high yield with significant industrial end-user interest using a circular bioeconomy biorefinery approach.

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  • 2G sugar, 2G sugar - food, 2G sugar - industrial, Demonstration (TRL 5-7), Extraction, Food related sidestreams, Fruit waste, HEurope-CBEJU-IA, Ongoing projects, Partner, Personal and home care, Product recovery and purification, Specialty chemicals

ROBOCOOP-EU aims to develop and deploy regional circular bio-based business models for the valorisation of waste streams from three agricultural sectors: grape, olive and stone fruit.

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