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Bio Base Advance
  • Coordinator, EFRO/ERDF, Food, Investment project, Ongoing projects, Product recovery and purification, Proteins, Regional-flanders

Investment in equipment for the product recovery and purification of microbial protein, and infrastructure for local treatment of its process waters.

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Bio Base Flow
  • Coordinator, EFRO/ERDF, Investment project, Ongoing projects, Regional-flanders

Infrastructure for the support of the technology transfer between companies and the Bio Base Europe…

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Bio Base Release
  • Coordinator, EFRO/ERDF, Fermentation, Investment project, Ongoing projects, Product recovery and purification, Regional-flanders

Investment in additional process and analysis equipment to simplify and make fermentation and purification of intracellularly formed products more efficient.

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EFRO: Demonstration Equipment for Industrial Biotechnology
  • Coordinator, Custom manufacturing, Demonstration (TRL 5-7), EFRO/ERDF, Fermentation, Finished projects, Industrial biotechnology, Infrastructure, Innovation, Investment project, SME support, Scale-up (TRL 4-6), WP leader

Europe, Flanders and the Province of East-Flanders invest €1,27 million in new equipment for Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant. These funds were used to purchase and install three new bioreactors with auxiliary equipment and software: two with a volume of 1.500L and one with a volume of 15.000L.

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